Why I don't trust anymore Google

This is an exceptional post.  My blog is about visual content and I try to narrate stories with images.  I have hold this post for two days, but I decided I should shout I am really disappointed.  Google announced that they will cancel the service of Google Reader after July'13.   That comes after they announced they will cancel iGoogle in Nov'13.

Do they not have a respect for their users?  First, they offer everything to everyone in order to attract and gain as many users as possible.  Once they have reached their goal, they do not care anymore about them.

I use Google reader to have a control of rss and blogs I follow in an organized way.   Subscriptions to blogs are OK, but you have to deal with different feed burners and it is not that easy.  Reader for me was a kind of a library where I could have my content archived in folders by topics.  That was an easy way to catch up with what is published on the web.  But now they have decided we, reader users, do not count for them and their business.

Yes, it is true is a free service and they are the owners.  But are not they already taking our money by using every piece of information in inserted in gmail, blogger and every search we do in their browser?  Are not we paying already for their services, a lot?

I had to spend sometime searcing for alternatives to GReader, and I am now transferring my library to another reader, Feedly that  seems to be reliable and even easier to manage.  But I guess we should be concious and find other ways to keep a back-up of our content, in case they also decide "to play" with us.

I am not the only one disappointed about this news, and other companies see this as an opportunity to develop other services.  I hope the time for "almighty companies" is over.  Meanwhile,  I am planning to leave gmail and, if possible, blogger in case they decide to shut down those services as well.

What is your view on the problem?
Let me finish with a smile, with this image announcing spring!


I don't use GReader but I do have gmail and blogger. I am concerned and am looking into changing as well. The problem is that I am not that tech savvy and am not sure how easy it will be to change over my blog without loosing followers. Have you chosen a platform yet for your blog?
lula said…
Karin, I am still giving it a thought. After more than two years, I do not want to start over again. Will keep posted on changes.
It is very disappointing. I must find other avenues, too. :(
I know what you mean about the Google Reader, I too use it. Right now am scrolling through multiple posts as I am behind in posting and reading. I am trying Feedly and also trying Bloglovin-- not sure which I will stay with. When trying to catch up, having all the unread posts organized is helpful.