GBBD July: a glimpse of the new garden

The making of the new and (small) garden is a slowly process.  Considering the season we decided to star with plants in pots and containers, so we could bring part of the plants from the other garden.  We started with the beds for the kitchen garden and now we are concentrating on creating a "kind of a mini-oasis", with as much green as possible. as well with using aquatic plants.

The Garden Bloggers' Bloom day, hosted by May dreams gardens, gives me the opportunity for sharing the first images of the garden-in-progress.

Jasminum officinale
Bignonia ricasoliana and cyperus papyrus


Oooo, I like what I see so far! It will be fun to watch your garden in progress. Do keep us posted!
lula said…
Thanks Liz, it is not easy to work duirng the day with the temperatures we have now, but at least is taking shape
Great idea to start in pots! A new garden takes time to dream of its potential and then to implement the plan. Can't wait to read more about your progress!