Kyoto Garden at Holland Park, London

There are many hidden garden jewels in London, the Kyoto Garden at Holland Park in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, is one of them, showing designed nature at its best.

It is what I would call a "boutique garden" because is small but very well designed and concentrates the essence of what it can be understand as a Japanese garden that was donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991.

The first images show the way to the Kyoto Garden from the grounds of Holland Park in a well designed paths that open to the formal entrance of the garden with distinctive elements of Japanese culture.  It really is a pleasure to walk around and enjoy the different motifs.


That really is lovely, Lula. I want to get back to London someday--our vacation there last fall was one of the best! We had a lot of family commitments, so I couldn't see as many gardens and other highlights as I would have liked to have seen. I guess that means there's more to go back for! What a beautiful place you have shared with us here. Thank you!
I will have to remember this place as it is just so beautiful...and Lula you brought out the beauty and essence of this amazing garden. Thank you!
Thanks for posting the small Japanese garden. Very nice. I have a little area I call my Asian Garden up near the house. It is so restful and is the reason I made that garden area close to where I spend most of my days. Something about that gardening style - love it. Thanks for the photos. Jack