Ghent University Botanical Garden, Gent ( BE)

The website Botanic Gardens Conservation International offers a very comprehensive information about a growing net of botanical institutions associated.  One of them is the Ghent University Botanical Gardens (Plantentuin Universiteit Ghent).

The gardens are associated to one of the university's research departments and its founding history goes 200 years back, in times of Napoleon when central schools were founded and had associated a botanical garden, for research and educational purposes.

After many troubled times and the independence of Belgium, the city of Gent received back the institution, but it was decided to relocate the gardens to a southern part of the city in order to have more space to house/ display the collections that were divided into several sections organized around the concepts of: an open air garden, a Victoria glasshouse, several experimental greenhouses, a palm house and a orangery.

Years later new additions were planned, such as the rock garden and extra greenhouses.  These were the main buildings until mid 20th century when some new sections were designed and there was a new addition: a modern glasshouse.

I have visited the gardens several times in spring and also at the end of autumn in December, because it is when is best perceived the design of sections and landscape and these are just some of the images in late fall almost winter season.


I see what you mean about this time of year being a good time to see the "bones" of the garden. Places that have impressive histories and beautiful structure are so impressive.
luls said…
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lula said…
Thanks Beth, this is a modest botanical garden in size, but has a very interesting background in research, a place I like very much.
Anonymous said…
When I was just in Europe, I so wanted to visit Belgium, but my friend did not. I am so amazed by the history and to think anything can be from the time of Napoleon. I lived in PA when our country had our Bicentennial. And we thought that a big deal, but in Europe that is just like being a youngster. The Ghent University gardens looks great, bones and all.