Nature always surprise!

Yesterday I published in FB this image with the next text: 

Let's start the week with a smile. I love surprises: our window little garden just gave this Monday a big one: the first potato!!!  And we found there are more on the way! This is our humble statement for the UN Climate summit starting today in Paris.
It's been a while since I last posted here, busy weeks with different projects, but there are days when you have to make room for a smile.   
We have windowsills but no balconies as we live in downtown.  We have been working for weeks after the summer to have our symbolic little garden, we planted some seeds to see what would grow.  
And we were lucky to see some flowers blooming herbs for our kitchen. 
We planted potatoes and sweet potatoes for greening the pots, and what a special treat to find those unexpected "jewels" late in autumn!!!
 Since we are experiencing a rather too warm fall, we believe we are going to have more surprises or at least, a green windowsill for a little longer. We need rain, but is unlikely to happen soon and that's a very negative situation. 
 Let's see what brings the COP21 Paris Summit 2015 in Paris to solve climate problems.  Let's hope for the best!



Yes, nature is full of surprises. Sounds like you are making the most of your small garden space. Here's to continued garden success!
lula said…
Thanks, is so rewarding this micro harvest!
Anonymous said…
It is a cute image with wonderful thoughts. I too hope the Summit brings results. I know our country is one that lags, but the problems are getting too big and out of control. We do need the world to unite in this effort and do it immediately. The Middle East unrest may have political and religious reasoning behind it, but there is no doubt in my my mind some of the hardship and discontent comes from it has been too hot and dry there. Lack of water for crops and heat beyond control would make anyone ready to wage a war for a better place to live. You can't live on or eat oil.
lula said…
Thanks Donna, for your comments, water indeed is a huge problem in many parts of the world, included the developed countries, such as the South of Europe where I live now, the city of Madrid is now with traffic restrictions due to high rates of nitrogen in pollution, which is causing many (included me) breathing problems. And weather forecasts do not foresee in the next future the amount of rain we need for health reasons and for agriculture. It is very alarming and I do really hope that politicians are up to their responsibilities in Paris.
Anonymous said…
I love your sweet little potato. I have hopes that the Paris climate talks will at least get us moving in the right direction. There seems to have been a sea change in public opinion in the US, with many people now saying that climate change is a serious problem -- that change in perception gives me hope. -Jean
lula said…
Thanks Jean, your comment also gives me hope and energy to continue working hard for that change of perception become true reality of new paradigm.