Days ago I posted in IG a photo of these beauties, t
hat I just found in a friend's garden and took some home as cut flower bouquet. 
They open during the day and last quite few days in a vase. 
They are perennial bulbs mostly native to Southern Europe
and I found that a common name is Star-of-Bethlehem.
 It seems cannot have enough of them these days!  
 I love them!


Andrea said…
I LOVE the photography, made those flowers very elegant.
lula said…
Thank you so much Andrea, you got the spirit!
Your images are exquisite, as always! I have a little clump of these (that the previous owner must have planted) in my garden. They're very graceful and there's something about the delicate petals and the creamy white color. Gorgeous!
lula said…
Thanks! I have in my desk the last bunch blooming, if temperatures continues rising they are going to be gone for the season until next year, I'll be waiting for them again.
Donna said…
The flowers look dreamy. Very beautifully photographed.
Chloe said…
Adorable gentleness! It looks like elegant woman is walking through greens.