Center for Wildlife Gardening, South East London

I did this reportage last spring in London, it is a beautiful spot in between the boroughs of Dulwich and Peckham. It is kind of a surprise because you would not expect to find a wild habitat in the middle of a residential area in a metropolis like London.  But it is a really lovely and interesting reserve that serves city gardeners, families and students, not only for the landscape, but for the service to conservation and research for the London Wildlife Trust.

Just the entrance is absolutely welcoming

Paths with handcrafted fences drive visitors to the main Visitor Center area 

Every single corner is a sanctuary for wildlife

The orchard is also surrounded by raised beds with vegetables growing

And the Visitor Center is a wooden building that portraits the spirit of the organization

The greenhouses store seeds and grow seedlings ahead of spring time


Anonymous said…
I love those gates! -Jean
It looks like such a fun place to visit.