How do you keep on with your blog? News ideas after a break

It's been really long time since I last posted any photo or reportage here.  It's been a mixture of things, the summer, holiday time, illness, and time for meditation about profession, projects, future...

It's not only this blog, but others I edit and of course the social media sites.  At beginning I was really excited about posting but lately it started to feel more an obligation both personal and professional, and I have spent some time in the evaluation of the point of sending out more and more messages. Therefore, I felt the need to take a break and re-define my interest in publishing, sharing my thoughts or work.

You may not notice the difference but I can say that there is a renovated interest in posting, but not only as a journal following the calendar, but as my interests dictate and hopefully the post will interest you.  I have built an image archive along the years, I have accumulate tons of images for personal or professional reasons and I feel the urge to work more on them than go out and take new ones, except for really appealing events or situations, or if my work obliges me.

I am rediscovering, if I ever lost it, a love and passion for documenting with images, build stories with pictures.  But I am also reconciling myself with written narration.  Actually is more than that, it might be a development into a new pleasurable activity.  It might have to do with storytelling, or with teaching, or just simply another phase in life, aging, a personal evolution.

I have accompanied this post with some images that have helped me get inspiration for this new season. This blog will not change the name, but will just naturally evolve. New stories to follow!

Pics from a recent trip to Antwerpen, Belgium, that will be part of another story


Welcome back to posting! I have neglected my professional and personal social media outlets of late. I still keep up with the botanical social sites, but I understand needing a break even from a passion. Your photos are always inspirational, Lula!
lula said…
Thanks Beth! It's really difficult to keep up with the many resources we have today and than can become a problem. I am trying to keep a balance and find wht is reaal y worth spending time with. I need to catch up with your blog!
Anonymous said…
Your new direction for the blog sounds exciting, Lula. I've been struggling to keep up with my two blogs recently -- but the problem has more often been finding time to write than finding topics to write about. -Jean
lula said…
Thanks Jean, It's funny how you thought you would have more time for writing after retirement and you are busier than ever! I share with you the struggling with time commitments. I feel the urge to write more than before and my photography is helping on providing some "centerpiece" for topics.