Camley Street Natural Park, London walks (Continue)

 The following day the group was taken to visit a fantastic piece of nature inside a city,
a wildlife reserve, The Camley Street Natural Park, in the surroundings of 
King's Cross green areas and besides Regent's Canal.

Just in the middle of one of the busiest developing parts of London houses a 
two acre nature reserve that was once a "coal drop" and after being left misused,
 nature played its part in overtaking the space. Years later London's authorities
 and neighbors took their part to preserve the area with its rich biodiversity 
and worked to turn it into a nature reserve, a symbol of the concept of urban
 nature conservation models of that time.
There is a visitor's center, a cafe, and research facilities for those who 
are workingand taking care of the reserve.  
One of the points of interest is the Floating Forest Garden, a fantastic forest
 create on a barge by the Regent's Canal, a perfect example of men working 
along with nature. 

 The reserve is considered also an educational place, therefore there are signals, 
labels, posters and located in different parts of the park offering information 
about details and wildlife.
 Partial view of the facilities for researchers.

Views of the many routes for discovering the park.
The visit and walk to the reserve was a surprising and very pleasant one!


This is really unique! I don't remember seeing this area when we were in London, although we walked very near here. You've convinced me I must get back--we only scratched the surface during our visit, and I also want to see some of the English countryside!
lula said…
Thanks Beth! Definitely it is one of my favorite parts of London, nature, history, urban development and new city life paradigms, arts universities and schools opening new campus in the area, well so much life! Have this area in your next visit!
Anonymous said…
What a delightful place. I love the barge garden, so clever -- and also the way the reserve combines recreation, research and education. This could be a good model for the conservation lands being preserved in my town. -Jean
lula said…
Thank you Jean, Indeed it is a model for more of these spaces in urban environments.