Jun 14, 2016

Home made potpourri

Another added benefit of foraging flora is that you can make homemade potpourri. I use it not only for decoration, but also for adding color and scent to bath salts.  These are from cherry blossoms, almond tree blossoms, roses, many spring blooms included horse chestnut blossoms.

Jun 7, 2016

Center for Wildlife Gardening, South East London

I did this reportage last spring in London, it is a beautiful spot in between the boroughs of Dulwich and Peckham. It is kind of a surprise because you would not expect to find a wild habitat in the middle of a residential area in a metropolis like London.  But it is a really lovely and interesting reserve that serves city gardeners, families and students, not only for the landscape, but for the service to conservation and research for the London Wildlife Trust.

Just the entrance is absolutely welcoming

Paths with handcrafted fences drive visitors to the main Visitor Center area 

Every single corner is a sanctuary for wildlife

The orchard is also surrounded by raised beds with vegetables growing

And the Visitor Center is a wooden building that portraits the spirit of the organization

The greenhouses store seeds and grow seedlings ahead of spring time

Apr 13, 2016


Days ago I posted in IG a photo of these beauties, t
hat I just found in a friend's garden and took some home as cut flower bouquet. 
They open during the day and last quite few days in a vase. 
They are perennial bulbs mostly native to Southern Europe
and I found that a common name is Star-of-Bethlehem.
 It seems cannot have enough of them these days!  
 I love them!

Apr 2, 2016

Son Baulo estate, Lloret (Majorca)

I spent few days in Majorca last month, but I only carry my ipad with me this time, as it was a business trip.  These are some pics from Son Baulo, a place that is a tearoom in the afternoons and a restaurant and events venue at night.  I visited it two years ago and again during my last trip to the island and confirmed that it stays as natural and country scenic as I remembered.

Mar 23, 2016

A late Happy Spring!!!

As this week's posts are about acknowledging the different dates marking the seasonal calendar, today is the turn to say a greeting to the spring time already arrived.
This Magnolia tree portrays perfectly the explosion of spring.  Here is to a late Happy Spring!

Mar 22, 2016

More greetings: Saint Joseph's plant

In Spain, the 19th of March marks the celebration of Father's Day.
Here is the plant that that receives its most popular name Vara de San José because it commonly blooms around this day and somehow it marks the start of spring, the botanical name is Asphodelus albus, and usually grow in the sides of the roads and extensively in fields and meadows.

Mar 21, 2016

Happy many seasonal festivities! first a late Saint Patrick greetings

This year there are so many festivities in almost the same week, that I think it deserves a collection of post to properly greet the season.  definitely we have said bye to winter, though it does not looks very springtime today.

This first post is about Saint Patrick:  it's all about green, of course! pics are from my few days in Mallorca.

Mar 14, 2016

End of winter garden visits - El Capricho Madrid

These two images are from a visit to one historic garden near Madrid, Parque El Capricho.
It was very interesting to walk the garden at the end of the winter when blooms are starting, 
but the bold trees still allow the sight to follow the lines and structures of the garden's design. 
I leave you with the entrance to the garden!