Dec 1, 2015

Nature always surprise!

Yesterday I published in FB this image with the next text: 

Let's start the week with a smile. I love surprises: our window little garden just gave this Monday a big one: the first potato!!!  And we found there are more on the way! This is our humble statement for the UN Climate summit starting today in Paris.
It's been a while since I last posted here, busy weeks with different projects, but there are days when you have to make room for a smile.   
We have windowsills but no balconies as we live in downtown.  We have been working for weeks after the summer to have our symbolic little garden, we planted some seeds to see what would grow.  
And we were lucky to see some flowers blooming herbs for our kitchen. 
We planted potatoes and sweet potatoes for greening the pots, and what a special treat to find those unexpected "jewels" late in autumn!!!
 Since we are experiencing a rather too warm fall, we believe we are going to have more surprises or at least, a green windowsill for a little longer. We need rain, but is unlikely to happen soon and that's a very negative situation. 
 Let's see what brings the COP21 Paris Summit 2015 in Paris to solve climate problems.  Let's hope for the best!


Oct 22, 2015

Urban seasonal foraging

Taking sometime to read nature in urban environments teach us a lesson of patience and surprise.
 We could find some treasures in parks and gardens, and with some luck good findings
 are just about crossing our paths.

In a park near home I found masses of bushes of Juniperus communis that were full of cones some green and some already ripening.

Now I have a good stock of cones to use in the kitchen and for drinks in party.

In a park nearby, there are some rosebushes still blooming the last of the roses for the season 
and I cut few of them for a small bouquet for my desk.

And a made an original arrangement out of some branches from a fallen tree after a storm, that I found on the sidewalk on my way to work.


Oct 16, 2015

Contemporary garden design, Majorca

Sometimes is needed some distance to appreciate things.  With the hot, hot summer we had it was difficult for me to be interested in images of gardens in summer.  Now in the season of autumnal landscapes, I feel is the time to go back to some of the discoveries of past summer.

This garden is still a work-in-progress, but it is sending some good hints of how will be in the end.  It is a design by German landscaper Andi Lechter for a private estate in the Eastern of Majorca.

The design feels very contemporary but with some features that talk about the traditions and history of  landscape creation in the island.

Oct 6, 2015

Some days into fall, I love Autumn!

I love Autumn, but this year with the absolutely hot and dry summer, I am more that pleased to welcome the season where nature becomes golden!  and after the first showers of the past days, a walk in the park is just gorgeous! Welcome Autumn!!!

Sep 13, 2015

A terraced garden and potager, Bunyola, Majorca (Spain)

A visit to a small terraced garden in Bunyola, Majorca.  The location of the garden is incredible and the views to the Sierra de Tramuntana are stunning!  the garden is mainly a potager, orchard that provides the family with organic veggies and fruits, salads, mainly local varieties, which speaks of the passion of their owners for sustainability.  It is well maintained following some rules of permaculture and even in the harsh weeks of the Mediterranean summer it keeps offering succulent products.
All in all, this garden is a feast for the eye and the kitchen!

Sep 9, 2015

Gardens in Málaga summer urban botanical pleasures

A post with some images of summer "botanical interests" of Málaga, south of Spain.  
The city is absolutely beautiful in any season, but in summer can be so hot
 and humid that only night walks would be acceptable. 

In the images one can feel the temperature on the streets, so any water feature 
(a genuine heritage from islamic Andalusia) is so much welcome!!!
I hope you enjoy this walk.