Apr 15, 2015

Blooms in April

All the colors, all the joy to say welcome to spring in the city.  Enjoy!

I am linking this post with Carol's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - April 2015.  A big thank you Carol!!

Mar 31, 2015

Tulip Pinocchio

I know it's a little too son but I have these images from last year and I love these tulips so much that I have decided to publish them in praise of the tulip season!

Mar 18, 2015

Son Anglada, Majorca, same garden, different seasons

My friend Malén, a fantastic therapist,  has a estate with a very natural (as in worked with nature to let it grow and mature) garden in the island of Majorca, I already posted about it in Mediterranean garden and sunset and share some photos in this blog some months ago, when I visited her and helped her with a new project. These are some images of the garden in summer.

The porch as atrium to the house was the perfect place to escape form the intense heat, was full of flowers and colors, a very Mediterranean design.

It was almost midsummer and the atmosphere was almost magic.

I travel to Majorca last February to spend some days with my friend and check on our project (more on that later) and I was amazed about the changes of the place in different seasons. In summer the flowers were at full bloom, but this image in winter shows few flowers with green vegetation due to the rain and high humidity in the island.

The lawns and vegetable garden are all green in winter and completely arid in its characteristic mares red in summer.

Summer details: almond trees maturing in the heat

And lemons ready to be picked in winter months

My favorite detail: a red cyclamen planted by the naked fig tree

Below the image show some trees covered to help pass the winter, they are very young and need extra protection against the rain and humidity.

Mar 13, 2015

Boxes, boxes, boxes... moving to the new studio

Does this sounds familiar?  I am moving to a new studio which means moving stuff and lots of boxes!!! therefore the hiatus in blogging, so for some days my scenery has been boxes and photo equipment all around, but things are getting back to normal and within a couple of days I will be able to resume posting.  Enjoy your weekend!

Mar 2, 2015

Micro-greens: sprouting at home

 Winter is the perfect moment to take on projects and experiment with new ways to eat organic. We, at home, are trying different ways to sprout seeds and have delicious micro-greens for salads, some of them have a strong peppery flavor that I like very much.

Shiso, watercress and linen seeds

Sunflowers seeds

Feb 19, 2015

Urban vegetable garden on a roof top, at the Hotel Wellington Madrid

This is a preview of one of the projects I am currently developing, the Hotel Wellington Madrid, opened last spring a Urban Vegetable Garden on its roof top, and we are documenting the preparation for the new season.  The project was designed by renowned chef Floren Domezáin, with the purpose to provide the restaurant with fresh organic vegetables. 
It will be very interesting to follow the process in the next months.  Right now the garden is offering winter vegetables, but it is being prepared for the next sow at the beginning of the spring.
This first shoot was a very cold and windy day, and I was happy that we even had some snow flakes floating! And the views are absolutely spectacular!!

Feb 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's!!!

I am doing research for a project on textiles and today I found this fabulous catalogue about a textile  industry in Switzerland, Abraham Ltd., now closed but that for many years supplied with rich and beautiful textiles to haute couture houses in Paris and other cities, and suddenly looking at the gorgeous botanical-inspired patterns in their archives, some of these red roses seemed to be the perfect images to wish my readers a Happy Valentine's day!

All images taken from the book 
"Soie Pirate, The history of Abraham Ltd - The fabric designs of Abraham Ltd."
Soie Pirate Textilarchive - Swiss National Museum, Zurich 2010

Feb 9, 2015

Pink Hyacinthus orientalis

Photography can offer beauty in macro levels.  I love using a macro lens (a 50 mm macro for Canon) to observe flowers so, so close that you immerse yourself into a new whole dimension and world.

Here I am reconstructing the image of a pink Hyacinthus orientals from its very minimal essence.


Jan 28, 2015

A Mediterranean garden hotel in winter

During past holidays when visiting part of the family in the South of Spain, I was invited to this wonderful place called Casa de los Bates to have an afternoon tea.  The place was built in the nineteenth century as an estate and with Italian inspiration, it was meant to be the home to a family.

It is located in a hill overlooking the Mediterranean tropical coast of Granada, and has been restored to maintain its origins.  Time past and the building and gardens were transformed into a boutique rural hotel, and is run by some members of my in-law family, which were very happy to show us around.

The gardens surrounding the house show the also the moorish influence both in their design and use of plants and trees to organize the different sections.  Fountains and water features help creating relaxing cool areas, as a refuge in hot summer days.

We were lucky to have a very mild afternoon just a the beginning of the new year and enjoy the front porch with an afternoon tea.

Jan 15, 2015

Continuation post - Visit to the Real Jardin Botanico de Madrid (Royal Botanic Garden Madrid)

Already into mid January and well after the holidays it is time to continue with posting regularly, so here is the second part to the visit to Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid (Spain).  The first post was dedicated to the beautiful and exotic plants inside the green house.  This second part is about the quadrants creating the gardens in an organized scheme by climates and geographical zones, and botanical families and varieties.

Let me remind that these images are from late November in a very mild fall, I am looking forward to be back in spring time when all the flowers should offer a great spectacle.  I Hope you enjoy!

This is the plan of the garden with complete information of the layout, different sections and terraces.

There was a temporary exhibition of bonsais from a private collection by a former president of Spain that had decided to donate it to the Botanical Garden.  There are great specimens really beautiful.

Dec 31, 2014

Have a Happy New Year 2015!!!

Observing nature one can learn about its cycles and rythms, we humans, have also rules and traditions that mark the time passing.  The end of December is for some cultures the moment of reflection on the year to end, and the time to formulate the best wishes for the new year to start.
For me, is a moment of introspection, intimacy and quietness, something similar to hibernate for a very short period that helps me just connect with that "something" that will bring some sense to daily life.  It is s a time to re-consider values, re-organise priorities, not about to write "to do" list for the year ahead, but to renovate the will and the courage to, whatever it is, do it better.
Let's celebrate and share the best wishes of joy, peace, prosperity, and all good wills you can think about in the new year 2015!!!

Dec 15, 2014

Visit to the Real Jardin Botanico de Madrid (Royal Botanic Garden Madrid)

Some weeks ago I visited the Real Jardin Botánico (Royal Botanic Garden) in Madrid, and is not only a botanical garden, but also a very prestigious institution for research founded in October 1755.  The day of my visit was a very warm and sunny day, I was expecting a fall scenery but I was told it has been a very mild autumn until recently and that means that the natural cycle of leaves falling did not happened until very late November.

The drawing below shows the layout of the garden and the well organized sections dedicated to plants, and trees from different climates, regions distributed by botanical families and varieties.

Image from the RJBM website
This post is about the first part of my visit and dedicated to the Estufa de las Palmas, a greenhouse built in 1856 used to house tropical and subtropical specimens.  The first section is for cactus and other plants from arid climates.