Amsterdam's Flower Market in the Singel canal

The Flower Market in Amsterdam, located on the Singel canal is the only floating one in the world, as it states the official site for Amsterdam tourist information. 

Last year in late February I visited the market, while working a project about museums and I could not resist buying some bulbs.  Unfortunately, they did not did well in Majorca.  

What more Dutch can it be? Tulips and bikes!!

In  conversation with the owner if this stall and he assured me they deliver all over the world.  Tulip mania spreading!

But, in London with so not mild but warm weather we are having these days, tulips are already in bloom in many gardens and parks and I am really enjoying the colourful urban landscape.


PlantPostings said…
It must be beautiful right about now in London--now I can imagine it because I've been there! And what a fun view of Amsterdam--I'd like to get there someday, too!
lula said…
Yes, spring is definitely getting into London!
Anonymous said…
That is an amazing and colorful place. I like the seed packs that are displayed, so much color and pattern.
Nice photos of the market. We have the fog here today like London often has, but unlike your photo of London, for sure no tulips here for weeks to come! Thanks for the pictures. They lift my spirits. JC