Botanical details used in interior decoration

Couple of weeks ago was the closing of a decoration event in Madrid, Casa Decor, an annual show that takes a building and converts it into a huge showroom.  I did a shoot for a reportage and while working on the images I could recognize some trends in the use of botanical arrangements for interiors.  These are some images of botanical details that were my favorites.

A intense botanical statement at the entrance of a lobby.

This are was called Music Room and it was decorated in gold and
the arrangement in red was a good contrast.

Marble and pink make a good combination in a minimalist interior.

An of course, herbs in the kitchen, but in transparent pots.

I love this three vases as a set.

Another kitchen with a veggie garden inside!

A reasonable size tree in a living room gives a splash of a forest.

Flowers arrangements on tables are indispensable.

Always peonies!

The courtyard of the building was a center area conceived as a walled garden,
 where tall trees dominated the landscape

A definite piece was the art installation made of flowers hanging from 
ceiling to floor in the open staircase of the building, was a strong statement.


I think my favorite was the arrangement in the fourth photo. simple and elegant. JC
Anonymous said…
I'm fascinated by the installation in the last photo. Intriguing! -Jean
lula said…
Thanks! I too love your fave.
lula said…
Jean, the installation was really a surprise. I have seen another similar sometime ago in The Garden Museum in London, it was absolutely inventive and eye catching! I'll post about that exhibition after my vacation, would like to see if you like it.
Donna@GWGT said…
The interiors look so inviting with the use of the plant life. I really was taken by that kitchen though. It is a cook's kitchen and I can imagine all the yummy recipes invented there.
lula said…
Donna, I'm with you! I found the kitchen garden was a find, I must say very decorative, but also offering statements of possibilities. Thanks!
Holtzclaw said…
so beautiful,thank you for your sharing
Interesting post, loved it.
I also love Peonies.