The Botanical Garden in Antwerp, an intimate botanical

 Is summer (in the Northern hemisphere), temperatures are rising and if in the city the heat forces to take breaks to refresh.  A good idea is to stop by parks and gardens. Some green urban areas are more than a park or a garden, they are historic nature areas with knowledge,  a sort of a museum of living vegetation, and tehy are very worthwhile visiting.

One is these gardens is in the city of Antwerp (Belgium).  It is a small botanical garden right in in the historic quartier of the city, the Plantentuin Stad Antwerpen  is more than 200 years old and in early moments it was a resource for medicinal plants for a nearby hospital.

Currently, the Plantentuin is owned by the city of Anwerp and since 1950 is listed as a garden of great value.  It has three sides surronded by buildings, and one side is open to the street, but it does not feel enclosed.  We can find a great number of specimens between trees, shrubs, more than 2000 herbs and a kitchen garden and a parterre succulents of cactuses, that is very appreciated by visitors for its rarety considering the climate of the city.  

I have visited the garden in different seasons, here is a general view from last March, a grey a cold day, but the garden started to offer some signs of spring.

Last weeks I visited the garden again, to find this month the perfect to enjoy all the beauty, color and splendor, especially in a mostly sunny afternoon.

The main entrance at Leopoldstraat is an invitation to a long and pleasant walk

parterres with seasonal blooming are part of the attraction

a beautiful brugmansia in pale pink

and some ponds add a touch of rich biodiversity

lotus and carpas live in pleasant contemplation

one of the paths are dedicated to liquidambars

with some great samples of cephalaria gigantea

It is a place that attracts vistors all day long

visitors of all kinds .... like the bees in these beautiful samples of blue echinops

The area of the kitchen garden, one of the favorites to walk

and the herbs corner all with labels to identify the plants

There are place for exotic specimens like this beauty, strelitzia reginae (bird of paradise) 

One of my favorites tree, magnolia grandiflora with early summer bloomings

And one of the curiosites, the cactus garden

IThere are many intimate corners for relax 

and many different plants to discover and enjoy for its beauty, like the rudbeckia laciniata

It is also a place to learn about nature and biodiversity 

And the side to the street, is closed by a stoned fence from where we can still admire the garden inside once it is closed  A place definitely to visit more than once.


Anonymous said…
I can see why the garden attracts all kinds of visitors. There is so much variety of plantings to satisfy just about everyone. The bee photo was special. They really do like echinops.
Lula, this looks like a fabulous botanic garden. I am very impressed that they include a kitchen garden in their offerings. Carolyn
Trainer John said…
Great photos that really capture the spirit of the place. I've never been but shots like that encourage me to go.