Lecture by DIck Handscombe at the MGS group

In the past months I have been covering some very interesting events, one of them happened last May at the home of Sally Beale, the Head of the Balearic branch of the Mediterranean Garden Society.

Dick Handscombe, author of some books about gardening, and also the name behind the succesful blog Gardening in Spain, has been living and gardening in a Mediterranean climate for more than 25 years, and this was the second time that was invited to give a lecture about his concepts for gardening in a extreme climate such as the one in the Balearic Islands.

The lecture was a fantastic collection of most interesting tips that any gardener can apply to any Mediterranean climate, but especially it was especially appropriate to the conditions in this area, with a tough long dry summers, wet springs and autumns, and relatively mild winters.  Then, the event opened to a hands-on section that took part in the host's beautiful garden, in one of the sections dedicated to the potager.  This was the part with more tips, this time practical, for being succesful in planting a climate adapted kitchen garden.

After the work, the end of the event was marked with a nice light lunch in the terrace full of spring blooms, and was another moment for more Q&A to Dick Handscombe.

Here are some visuals as the report of the event.


Donna said…
It looks like it was a very informative lecture. Your images show it very nicely too. I love that last photo. What a beautiful scene.
lula said…
Thank you Donna, It reaaly was a very nice day, and learned cuple of good tips for the new garden.
I think I would like that climate. I'm sure it's tough for gardening, but it yields such a fascinating, unique landscape. Thanks for sharing the photos and the description of the event.
All looks good, especially that table full of food! Enjoyed my visit to your Blog today. Jack
lula said…
Thanks Liz, it was a great introduction to a fantastic group of gardeners
lula said…
Thank yout for the visit Jack. Yes, the food was a tribute to the cuture!
Anonymous said…
Its pretty cool what blogging can perform. Connect you with all others.
Dick Handscombe said…
Dear Lula, You have made an amazing record of the great day I spent with yourself and other MGS friends. No one has ever recorded a talk and active learning session in the garden so alive and intense. Thanks and trust your own garden is progressing well.
Thanks, Dick the speaker.