A farewell and a welcome

Summer is the season of activity and for me the last weeks have brought plenty of that!  garden visits, shootings and research for some projects, etc.  And, we have moved to a new home in a more urban environment, which means that I had to say goodbye to my rural garden, but it also means a welcome to a new way of gardening.  It is quite a challenge because I plan to continue with growing my own. So, now I am working on designing the new space.

Ta say goodbye, let me show you some pics from the old garden.  My old herbs/kitchen garden full of color and tasty salads!
 These beautiful cacti blossoms, they only last one day and you the best moment to picture them is early in the morning.  
 I decided to leave some curly endives to blossom and seed, I love how ornamental vegetables can look.
And some areas of the garden were left as wild as possible to give nature room to play.  Here Cichorium intybus flowers grow mixed with Daucus carota.
And this is the welcome to what would be the new and experimentla urban garden. There is a lot of work ahead, but sure it will be rewarding and fun.  More in next posts.


Your new home appears to have a very welcoming entrance. :-) And perhaps a clean slate for gardening? Interesting that Cichorium and Daucus are blooming at the same time in both of our locations! They are very plentiful along our roadsides here. Your photo of the Cactus bloom is exquisite. Congratulations on your new home!
lula said…
Thank Liz, we are still organizing in and outside. Yes, the gardening will be a different one, creative and experimental! I will be posting soon about the new design.
Anonymous said…
Lula, good luck in your new home. I can imagine the mixture of sadness at leaving your old garden and excitement at creating a new and very different one....
Anonymous said…
That is a cool entry. I can see so much potential! Welcome to urban life. I myself am ready for a bit of country.