Blooms in April

All the colors, all the joy to say welcome to spring in the city.  Enjoy!

I am linking this post with Carol's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - April 2015.  A big thank you Carol!!


Jean Campbell said…
Beautiful views of deciduous Magnolias. Ours have gone out of bloom; Bay Magnolias have buds. All are among my favorites.
Beautiful! It looks very similar to what is blooming here in the Upper Midwest U.S. Springtime sure is spectacular, isn't it?!
Beautiful! Happy Spring!
Anonymous said…
I love those magnolia blossoms. When I was working in Pennsylvania, there were several magnolia trees along my walk to work, including one huge pink one similar to the one in your first photo. I've missed those beautiful flowers now that I'm retired. -Jean
lula said…
I know Jean, one can never have enough of these magnolias!!